• As your company moves from being a big fish in a little pond...

    to a little fish in a big pond it can all leave you feeling, well...like a fish out of water. Rockford Greene can help you navigate the waters of business with the focus of a shark and the agility of a dolphin.

  • In the world of business we live and die by our bench strength...

    but who can afford to keep top talent around "just in case"? Rockford Greene International allows you to tap into an unparalleled pool of top business talent who specialize in one or more of the SQDCME. Top talent need not be out of your reach; it's a phone call away.

  • Stand out from the crowd...

    with Rockford Greene's robust team of top professionals who will lead you through todays challenges and prepare you for emerging business trends tomorrow. Get in front of the competition with Rockford Greene International.

  • Our Specialties...


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Changing the world one company at a time

Rockford Greene International provides business optimization services for all of the key business elements: Safety, Quality Optimization, Delivery and Process, Morale, Training Design and Development, Cost Reduction Stategies, and Environment Services. Rockford Greene approaches business much differently than other firms: Where a consultant tells you what you should do, Rockford Greene works with you to craft a sustainable solution that meets your specific needs and helps you to implement a lasting infrastructure that prevents your problem from returning.

  • we help organizations to operate more effectively in all key business metrics
  • we match your business needs with one of our top business experts
  • we build your bench strength without the costs of bringing experts on staff
  • we will get your started, teach you how to sustain the improvements
  • we will go away - until you need us again

Lore We understand the challenges associated with business, whether you operate on the other side of the country or the other side of the globe

- Rockford Greene International

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